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Hello, I’m Andrea…

My sessions offer a unique experience for children, enabling them to develop well-being skills, through stories, music and movement, relaxation and magical fun. To find out more about my credentials and the techniques I use to deliver my sessions, this link will take you to my about page…

Tools for Children

We are all completely unique and individual, yet the guiding principles in what I do will work whether your child is aged 3 or 13 because we all share a lot of common ground in our humanity. The application of those principles must be translated into a form that is appropriate for the development stage of the child and it’s the beautiful rainbow of variety that the children display, through their personalities and how they approach life’s challenges and triumphs, that makes them such a joy to work with.

Children, or indeed anyone, can benefit enormously from the emotional skills that I teach, using reliable, proven and enjoyable techniques, delivered in an intuitive and fun way. Benefits regularly experienced by the kids I help include;

  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Increased self esteem
  • A more positive mental attitude
  • Listening skills
  • A calmer approach to life
  • Healing of developmental trauma
  • Greater emotional resilience
  • The confidence to share their newfound skills with others

I achieve these things by teaching children how to use a combination of breathing exercises, massage, relaxation, meditation and visualisation techniques, positive thinking and therapeutic storytelling.

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Q&A sessions for parents and carers

These sessions are primarily aimed at supporting parents to help their young children grow emotionally and get the best possible start in life. We all want to do the best for our children and the confidence gained as a parent or pre-school worker from seeing your little ones flourish because of techniques that you have learned is priceless.

I will happily offer these sessions for parents of all age groups, such as school parents evenings or childrens charity organisations. I find I am most frequently booked by pre school groups for these sessions as new parents find the extra insight especially beneficial.

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Happy Kids Sessions (4-9 years)

Primary school age children are ideally placed to learn the skills necessary to develop into healthy happy young adults. Hence, much of my focus is on building these foundations of self esteem. Even in the most well adjusted of families it can be difficult to protect those young minds from emotional hurts that skew the way they view a world that they are just starting to understand. Many of us may be able to think of a kids film that scared us till we had nightmares or a school bully that left us doubting our worth, and these are the best of cases. Sadly, I meet boys and girls for whom those issues would seem trivial, yet we still see amazing results with these techniques.

My aim is to support schools, parents and out of school groups and organisations, such as the Brownies or Barnardos, in giving children the tools and skills outlined above. While I am not a counsellor, nor do I offer a counselling service, kids in this age group can have incredible success utilising the tools I teach to heal issues such as developmental trauma, which can be difficult to avoid even for kids in very happy homes and, if left untreated, will have far reaching implications for the young person way into adulthood. The amazing thing is, they are enabled to find the path themselves and can share and teach these skills to their friends, because deep down we all just want to be whole.

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Chill Skills sessions (10-13 years)

A child’s personality is pretty much fully formed by the time they leave junior school, yet it is still vitally important to teach self care and resilience. My focus here is about teaching youngsters of this age group strategies to cope with the frequently stressful changes that come with this period of development. I do this by using, among other things, a book of specially designed exercises that promote thought around ways to care for their own well-being. That way, when the pressure of adult life begins to increase, the young person has built self esteem and is able to make better choices, that won’t cause negative consequences or hinder their progress later in life.

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Staff twilight ~ INSET training

Introducing children to relaxation, helps support the whole school community to become more positive, happy, productive and focused.

Regular practise can improve emotional literacy, concentration, self esteem and social interaction. It is delivered through dance and movement, games, stretching and breathing exercises, peer massage and visualisation. The classes allow children to explore what it is like to feel their body truly relax by contrasting music and movement exercises with breathing, stretching and relaxation techniques.

Sessions can be tailor made with themed topics if you wish and can last for 30-60 minutes. Alternately teachers/nursery staff can be taught techniques, through a training session, to use in the classroom to help children calm down or focus.

The programme integrates nicely into the national curriculum, fitting in with emotional learning units – SEAL, PSHE, Healthy Schools, Wellbeing and Circle Time

If you would like to learn more about this new and innovative approach, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Conferences, Talks and Workshops

As a passionate advocate for children’s emotional and physical health and well-being, I am always keen to share what I have learned, so that more of us can have a positive impact in the lives of the young people in our care. Whether speaking to a room full of Brownies leaders, primary school teachers, or even childrens charity workers, my ability to articulate this passion and dedication in an informative yet entertaining manner makes for a presentation that your attendees will remember and, I believe, benefit from.

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