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Few things are as powerful as a good story…

An Holistic Approach To Well-being

I have studied many therapeutic models over the last couple of decades and I continue to learn approaches that consider both the physical and emotional aspects of the children I work with. Most of these techniques are intended to empower the child to make their own choices by helping them to get in touch with their feelings and learn about themselves in a gentle but powerful way…

  • GROW model Coaching
  • Peer Massage
  • Nutrition and fitness
  • Philosophy for Children
  • Relaxation and Visualisation
  • Therapeutic stories
  • Music and movement
  • Positive thinking

Professional Development

I have had the pleasure of working within the education system for many years in a variety of ways which includes Pupil Referral Unit/Youth inclusion as a support worker which helped to prepare non-attending and excluded young people for further education and employment.

I have worked in primary schools as an NVQ Level 3 teaching assistant during which I was able to deliver after school clubs in nutrition and fitness as I am also a qualified fitness instructor for both adults and children.

I have also worked 1-1 with pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2 with special educational needs and also pupils with individual education/behaviour plans.

All of these challenges throughout school settings have led me to realise the huge importance of emotional and physical well-being for children. Therefore, I chose to train as a Massage in schools instructor and also gained qualifications in Children’s Relaxation and Visualisation and Philosophical Enquiry in Education.

Me teaching massage in schools.

From This I went on to develop my own sessions using therapeutic stories, music and movement and positive thinking, Relaxation and breathing techniques for children from 4 – 9 years. I also teach what I do to parents and carers if needed, via talks and workshops.

Seeing the positive effects of these sessions, I decided to reach out to more children in other settings and so Happy Kids was born

I have recently developed a Chill Skills programme for children in Key Stage 2 and above, which provides them with a journal to complete over 6 weekly sessions where they learn tools to help with self esteem, staying calm, managing emotions, positive thinking and concentration and focus.

I also run twilight sessions for staff in schools and nurseries to help them learn techniques that I have found useful over many years of work with children. When required I will provide Q & A sessions for parents and also 1-1 sessions too.

I believe that with these skills children as young as 4 years old can learn to recognise any anxiety or anger that they may have, using these tools to manage their own feelings and help them throughout their lives. The boost given to their emotional intelligence results in calmer, happier and more successful young people.

I am passionate about this work and will continue to promote Happy Kids for as long as I can, to help create positive attitudes to well-being, using my passion for storytelling music, creativity and physical movement. I hope you can see by now how convinced I am of its importance in all our lives.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must fly – I have a session booked…


Here are some of the lovely things that children, parents and childcare staff have said, following our sessions…

Cupcakes and Dinosaurs Nursery, New Inn:

1). Well we thoroughly enjoyed our first visit of a 6 week course with the lovely Andrea from Happy Kids yesterday!
Andrea will be teaching us all – children and aunties together – some important techniques such as peer massage, breathing exercises and other methods of relaxation to help us to stay happy, calm and relaxed in all situations, when we feel like ‘fizzy pop’!
Such important life skills for our little ones as they grow up and have to take care of their own mental health and well-being.
Added bonus – we had lots of fun and laughed a lot!!
We can’t wait for next session – with a super hero theme!

2). Another lovely well-being session with our friend Andrea from Happy Kids today! Super Hero yoga and breathing exercises (themed to fit our current topic), a ‘worry and wish’ monster we needed to feed, fab peer massage and a good self esteem promoting story! All finished off with a sparkly magic star each – and even a nice prezzie to help the aunties feel calm and relaxed too! The smiles say it all….. #healthyminds

3). This week’s fantasy topic and wellbeing session theme with Andrea was….. Pirates!! Ooo arrrr!

We’ve walked the plank, shivered our timbers, hopped on a wooden leg, made our parrots, read our maps and dug for treasure and generally had good swashbuckling fun! X

Two Counties Nursery, Croesyceiliog.

Andrea from Happy Kids has been in attendance every week for 8 weeks at the nursery. She initially came for 6 weeks, however we knew that she would need to continue as she had such an impact on the children.

During this times she has engaged our pre-school children through story sessions, story trails.

Andrea is a genuine lady who is always respectful of the staff and children, she has a vast knowledge and is always smiling.

I know when Andrea is arriving as I hear the children calling her name when they spot her coming across the car park.

I would recommend Andrea’s sessions as I feel she has had a positive impact on our setting and children.
I feel that Andrea’s sessions are contributing towards our children becoming confident individuals for the future.

Lesley Price

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